What is WithWine?

WithWine is an online platform for people who believe #lifeisbetter with wine.

We’re a repository, a community and a marketplace.

We make it easy for people who drink a wine to obtain information and interact with the people who made it. We make it easy for people who know a little to learn from those who know a lot. We also make it wonderfully simple to enjoy your favourite wines again and again by making them so easy to buy… wherever you are, whenever you are

What’s the story behind WithWine?

WithWine’s founder is Richard Owens. This is how he said it all started:

Two and a half years ago when I was 30 years old, I didn’t drink wine. I’d tried it, I didn’t like it and that was that. On Sunday 30 October 2011 my dad’s mate, David, was pouring me a glass of red as we sat down for dinner in his farmhouse in Oberon and I said, “No thank you, I don’t like wine”. He didn’t stop pouring and he didn’t look up. He just said, “That’s because you drink shit wine”. Not wanting to insult my host I decided to shut up and just drink the stuff, even though I knew I wouldn’t like it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was amazing.

That was the night my life with wine started. Instead of making a bee-line for the beer fridge in the bottle shops, I was scoping out the shelves of wine. Instead of promptly dismissing the wine menu in restaurants, I was actually taking an interest in what was on offer. Instead of driving up the coast with the sole purpose of finding surf, I began popping into the cellar doors of the Hunter. I began exploring.

For twelve years I’d been missing out on all this pleasure and for twelve years the wine producers of Australia had been missing out on my custom. All it took to change that was one person pointing me in the right direction. I genuinely believe that my life is better with wine and I want to bring the enjoyment I experience to others.

How’s WithWine work?

We provide wineries with a desktop website where they can upload and manage information about their wines. This information is displayed to wine drinkers via the WithWine app, available on the App Store. People, wines and wine brands have profiles which can be viewed and followed by app users.

When I buy, am I buying from WithWine or someone else?

You are buying direct from the winery, not from WithWine. We just facilitate the transaction and pass the order on to the winery.

Are all wines on WithWine?

The WithWine app will only work if the winery has uploaded their details into the system so if your favourite wine isn’t on there, you should let the winery know!

If you see the WithWine sign you can scan the wine.

Some people think it’s better to have something that works 10% of the time for 100% of the people. We think it’s better to have something that works 100% of the time for 10% of the people.

We’re starting small but you’re going to see more and more wines added every day.

Who is behind WithWine?

Richard Owens is the founder of WithWine and his business partner is BlueChilli.

Richard has worked for companies including Apple, Macquarie Bank and Rothschild Bank as well as a couple of his own startups. His last role in the corporate world was Innovation Manager at Macquarie. When that position was made redundant it provided the kick up the bum for Richard to run with the idea for WithWine which had been in his head for the last two years.

BlueChilli is a Sydney based company that helps people bring awesome tech business ideas to life. In a space where there are a lot of cowboys, they have a reputation for innovation, sound business strategy and quality IT development.

Richard is also a contributing author for Wine Business Magazine Australia.

Does WithWine have Twitter, Instagram and Facebook?

We sure to. For all of them you can find us @WithWineApp

Will I get bombarded with emails?

We hate SPAM as much as anyone and we’re all about user experience. As a result, the emails you receive will be kept to a minimum.

If you are a user of the WithWine app, the only time you will receive emails is to confirm that we have received your order so we can send you a receipt.

If you are a winery listing and/or listing your wines on WithWine, we will send you emails to guide you through the process of setting up your account and to let you know when you have receive new orders from customers.

What happens with my information?

We look after it. We have a Privacy Policy which we have available for you on our website and within the WithWine app.

Can I contact WithWine directly?

Yes. For all matters regarding your orders it is best to contact the winery directly via the link in the receipt you received.

If you are having problems with a winery who isn’t providing the sort of customer experience that completely satisfies, we want to know about that!

Likewise, if you are noticing problems with the website or the app we’d appreciate the heads up.

f you want to let us know that you love using the WithWine app, or love selling your wine using the desktop website, then never, ever hesitate to tell us. We get a real buzz from helping other people and we would love to know if we’re achieving our purpose.

We can be contacted by emailing hello@withwine.com.

Why would I download the WithWine app?

Have you ever walked the aisles of a bottle shop and not known what wine to buy?

Have you ever enjoyed a bottle of wine at a restaurant or dinner party and thought you’d like to buy a case but the next morning you have no idea what it was called?

If you manage to remember it, have you struggled to find a shop that sells it?

Yep... us too! That’s why we’ve created WithWine.

We’ve made it so if you’re not sure what wine to buy, you can check out what wines your friends like for inspiration.

We’ve made it so simple to find and store the details of that gem you’ve discovered so you can always remember what it was.

Not only that, but we’ve made it super easy to buy wine on the spot so you don’t need to go through the frustration of liquor stores and websites.

What does the WithWine app do?

A wine drinker using WithWine can experience all the enjoyment wine brings with none of the frustrations.

A wine drinker can scan a wine’s barcode and see its profile.

They can see which of their friends also like that wine.

They can read about the winery it came from.

They can refer back to their Scanned list so they can always remember the wines they’ve tried.

They can Like it so not only do they remember their favourite wines, their friends can get trusted a trusted endorsement from people they know.

They can buy it right there, on the spot, from the app with the push of a button.

They can Follow the wine’s profile so they receive updates about only the wines they’re interested in rather than every wine that winery makes.

If they want updates on the winery, they can Follow the winery.

They can view the other wines that winery makes.

They can get driving directions to the winery’s cellar door and see what hours it’s open and what facilities it has available.

They can Follow people and people can Follow them and their tastes for inspiration and guidance.

They can view a newsfeed to keep up to date with whats happening in their world of wine.

They can rid the world of tyranny and oppression.

OK, maybe not the last one, but it will definitely make you, your friends and the wineries whose wine you drink; happy chappies and chappettes.

Why is the app asking for my phone number?

This is for a few reasons:

  • Your contacts list is the oldest, the best, and most used social network you’ve ever had. We use your phone number and ask for access to your contacts list, so we can show you all your friends that are also using WithWine so you can follow them and see what wines they Like.
  • It’s safer. We want to make sure that whoever is using your account is actually you and passwords don’t cut it. When you signup and when you login (if you log out) you will receive an SMS verification code which you’ll need to enter into the app. This is becoming the new standard for online security.
  • Do you really want another password to remember?
  • A lot of people will be finding out about WithWine while they’re exploring wine regions and often the internet reception in those regions isn’t awesome and waiting for a validation email will be slow and painful.

The app has a scanner... what’s this for?

When you see the WithWine sign you can scan the wine!

The scanner is so you can scan a wine’s barcode and easily (and quickly) to retrieve it’s associated profile.

You can also use the scanner to scan WithWine QR codes that wineries may use at their cellar door, in their brochures, on their websites, in their advertising materials and so on. Every wine you scan will appear in the History tab under Scanned, so you can keep track of the wines you’ve tried. If you’ve scanned them, then Liked them, you can view those under the Liked filter in the History tab.

NOTE: Make sure the entire barcode you’re trying to scan is in the centre of the Scanner screen.

NOTE 2: If you’re scanning a traditional barcode, the scanner will pick it up whether it’s horizontal or vertical. It won’t work if it’s on a funny angle or if the lighting isn’t awesome.

NOTE 3: The scanner doesn’t work if you try to scan the wine bottle’s label. If you’re wondering why we’ve decided not to go down that road, download one of the other apps and you’ll discover how sucky the user experience is :)

What's the Like Button do?

f you’re drinking a wine that you enjoy, you can Like it so it is saved in your Profile under Likes. This is so you can always remember what it was and buy more of it to enjoy... again.

Liking a wine will also help your friends decide what wines they might like to try.

What can I Follow?

WithWine lets you Follow friends, wineries and individual wines. Follow people who share your tastes or who you think would benefit from seeing the wines you Like. You can receive updates of your Friends’ activity in your Updates feed. Follow wineries to receive updates from them at the brand level. These updates will appear in your Updates feed. You can Follow a winery but going to their profile and tapping the circle with a star in the top right corner of their background image. Follow individual bottles of wine to receive updates relating to only the wines that you’re interested in. Right now you are probably getting a bunch of information from wineries that is irrelevant to your tastes. Why would you want to read an email about chardonnay when you don’t like it?

How do I find Friends to Follow?

Tap on Profile, and then the icon in the top right of the screen (a little human with a + sign).

This will open a screen that shows you who on your Contacts list is using WithWine for you to Follow. If the person you want to Follow isn’t using WithWine yet, you can send them an invite by tapping Invite next to their names (you can select more than one person at a time), then tap the Invite (X) button on the top right of the screen. This will open up the Messages app so you can send your Friends a link to download WithWine.

NOTE: If the message bubble is blue, the message will be sent via iMessage which means it’s FREE. If the bubble is green, that means the message will be sent via SMS and will either come out of your phone plan’s SMS allowance or may incur a charge from your carrier.

NOTE 2: For this feature to work, WithWine needs access to your Contacts. If you didn’t Allow access when you first opened the app, you can go into your iPhone Settings > Privacy > Contacts > and tap on the switch next to WithWine so it goes to the right (and green).

What’s with the bookmarks with love- hearts I’m seeing?

Those mean that there are people you’re following that Like that wine. It’s to help give you an indication as to whether you might like that wine also. You can also use them as conversation starters ;)

How do I see which of my Friends Like a wine?

In a bottle’s profile, under the image, the number of people that Like that wine is shown, and if you are Following any of them, it will show how many out of the total are your Friends. You can tap on “Friends” and see the list of who you know that Like that wine.

How do I select other vintages?

Barcodes on bottles of wine are shared amongst vintages so sometimes you might scan a barcode and it will come up with a screen so you can select which vintage you’re drinking.

If that vintage isn’t available, tapping on the vintage box will give you a dropdown menu which shows you the other vintages of that wine and which one of them is available to buy.

Can I share the wines I like on my Twitter and Facebook or by SMS or Email?

Of course you can and we’d love you to.

Your friends will see the details of the wine you’ve shared and they will be given a link that lets them download the WithWine app.

The button to share outside of WithWine is a square with an arrow coming out of it, on the top right of the screen on a wine’s profile.

How do I find wineries that are near me?

It’s super simple. Just tap on the Wineries tab and select the Near Me filter (which is selected by default).

You can see how far away they are from this screen but for more detail, tap on the winery, then Visit, then select which cellar door you want to visit and presto!

You can even get directions! Just tap Get Driving Directions.

NOTE: in order for these features to work you need to give WithWine access to the GPS system in your phone. If you didn’t Allow this when you first opened the app you can go into your iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > WithWine and select either Always or While Using the App.

How do manage my details in the App?

Tap on Profile and then Menu in the top left of the screen. This opens up the settings where you can update your personal information, Shipping Address, Payment Info and so on.

What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

In the email receipt you would have received after placing your order, there is a link that allows you to contact the winery should you have any issues regarding your order. WithWine doesn’t stock, procure, ship or touch the wine that you order; we just pass that order onto the winery who does all that.

Is there a WithWine app for Android?

Not yet. We’re starting out as a native iPhone application to begin with. Making apps with WithWine’s capabilities is super expensive and we’re just starting out, but we have every intention to come up with the goods for Android users in the future.

Who can sell on WithWine?

Only producers of wine with an approved liquor licence number can sell on WithWine.

Why should I use WithWine to sell my wine?

There are only so many bodies you can get to visit your cellar door and there are only so many sales conversions you can achieve with your website.

WithWine takes your business to the next level by providing you with a mobile shopfront that is a pleasure for your customers to use and by turning those customers into the cheapest and most effective marketing team known to man.

There are a lot of people out there that can help you sell your wine. We can help your wine sell itself.

We’ve made it so that you’ve got nothing to lose by trying us out - you only pay us when you make a sale. We charge a flat rate of 12.5% on the orders that we bring to you and that’s for everything - payment gateway fees, our commission… everything. We don’t ask you to subscribe to a very ordinary service for a very unfair price. We give you a tool that works for a price that’s fair.

What does it cost to sell on WithWine?

We charge a clip of the final sale amount and that clip is 12.5%. That’s for everything. Payment gateway fees, our commission… everything.

Who issues customers with Tax Invoices for the sales I make through WithWine?

You do. When a customer buys your wine through the WithWine app, we provide them with a receipt confirming how much money has been deducted from their credit card for their purchase. You need to provide a Tax Invoice with the order when you ship it.

Can I export a list of the orders I receive through WithWine so I can upload them into my own systems?

Yes. We give you the ability to export a CSV document containing all the details of the orders you have received on WithWine so you can plug them into your own systems should you wish to do so.

How do I get paid and how often?

When a customer places an order, we take the money off their credit card and hold it until you mark the order as shipped within the Orders screen.

Once you mark an order as shipped, that money is released for payment to you by bank transfer. These transfers will occur once a week and we provide you with an invoice detailing our fees and the orders those fees relate to.

How long do I have to ship orders out?

We would like everyone using WithWine to have a fantastic customer experience and delivery timeframes have a massive influence on this.

We would like you to have orders shipped within 48 hours of receiving the order. When you mark an order as shipped the customer will receive a notification letting them know their order is on its way.

Also, once you mark an order as shipped, the proceeds from that sale, less our fees, are put in the queue for transfer into your bank account.

My business has more than one brand. Do I need separate accounts on WithWine for each brand?

No. We give you the ability to manage multiple brand names, multiple billing entities and multiple bank accounts.

So if you want you can have orders for Brand A to be billed to Entity #1 and the proceeds deposited into Bank #1, while orders for Brands B & C can be billed to Entity #2 and the proceeds deposited into Bank #2 & 3.

In the Billing & Payments screen, list all the Billing entities and Payment details that you will require across all your brands. Then, within your Brand, select the corresponding Billing entity and Payment bank account.

Would it be possible for someone to pretend that they’re my brand?

No. When a new brand is created in the system we get in touch with the Account holder and check that they are who they say they are. No information within an Account goes public until we verify the Account holder. Whilst we do everything we can to make sure nothing dodgy is going on, we are limited to the checks that we can do so if you see something, say something and get in touch with us at security@withwine.com.

Can I charge shipping costs if I want to?

Yes. Shipping fees play a HUGE role when it comes to making a sale or not. As WithWine only permits the sale of cases of wine, we’d suggest you throw the shipping in for free. However, if you would prefer to charge shipping you can.

You can determine a flat rate per case per delivery state. So, for example, you can say “If the order is going to NSW it’s a flat rate of $10 per case but if it’s going to WA it’s a flat rate of $15 per case”.

I have 10 vintages of the one bottle… do I have to enter in the details 10 times?

No you don’t. That would be very annoying!

We’ve made it so you can create a single profile and Clone that profile. A duplicate profile will be created which you can then tweak to suit that vintage (eg. you can adjust your vintage notes).

How are multiple vintages of the same wine grouped?

If you have multiple vintages of one wine, the app will group them together if they share the same barcode.

If you have vintage specific barcodes, the wines will not be grouped together - they will be displayed as a stand alone bottle of wine.

Some of my wines don’t have barcodes because I don’t sell them in retail outlets. Can WithWine accommodate them?

Yes. At the top of the page where you manage a bottle’s information is a button with Download QR Code. Click this and a unique scannable QR code for that bottle will download into your Downloads folder (as a PDF) which you can print onto labels. You can also drop this code into your tasting notes, posters, newspaper advertisements, the side of your car… anything you want! (See below about How can I use WithWine to make my marketing collateral more profitable?). When a customer scans this code using the WithWine app, your bottle’s details will come up front and centre with BUY button and all.

When you’re using this feature, in the Barcode field, enter in your brand name and bottle name (eg. tyrrellsvat9 or penfoldsbin707). This is so that any other vintages of that bottle get linked up properly.

How can I use WithWine to make my marketing collateral more profitable?

At the top of the page where you manage a bottle’s information is a button with Download QR Code. Click this and a unique scannable QR code for that bottle will download into your Downloads folder (as a PDF) which you can print onto labels (to stick on your bottles), your tasting notes, posters, newspaper advertisements, the side of your car… anything you want! When a customer scans this code using the WithWine app, your bottle’s details will come up front and centre with BUY button and all.

Can I offer my customers single bottles or mixed cases?

No. We asked wineries whether they wanted this and the resounding answer was “We don’t like shipping single bottles and we would prefer to sell a case of one wine rather than a case of many.”

Can I list my wines on WithWine without offering them for sale?

Yes. WithWine is a sales and marketing platform. The marketing side is word of mouth on steroids. We turn your customers into your marketing team for a total price of zero. That’s right. Zero.

Are there instructions available for using WithWine to sell my wine?

Yes. We have a YouTube channel with helpful videos that take you through every step of setting up your account and selling your wines.

You can find us on YouTube by searching for WithWineApp.

Last updated 16 Dec 2014